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Everyone in modern life would like to calm their minds and stay centered in their hectic lives. How can we do this without changing our daily work routines or environment?
Through Meditation.
Meditation is one of the great ways to live a peaceful life by reducing stress, enhancing concentration and developing the inner power to cope with difficult situations. It works in physical ways like reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and it eventually leads us to attain freedom of mind. That is why many religions practice meditation in one form or another. But meditation can be practiced by any person regardless of religious affiliation.

What Happens in Sitting Meditation?

Sitting meditation is a way to restore the body's chi energy to its natural balance. There is a vital force that nourishes both body and spirit, called Chi. Chi is composed of two complimentary energies:

a water energy(Yin)

and a
fire energy(Yang)
. Although they are constantly rising and fall ing within us, the ideal is when they are both in balance. When the mind becomes disturbed, the fire energy rises and consumes chi, making us mentally and physically exhausted. By focusing on the lower abdomen, onto a single spot three fingers below the navel, we can lead the water energy to rise and calm down our mind.

The method of seated meditation

It is so simple and easy that anyone can practice it:

1. After spreading out the sitting mat and seating oneself comfortably in a cross-legged position,

align head and spine in an upright

, seated posture.

Casually bring down all the body's strength to Dahnjeon
, which is two fingers breadth below your navel, without abiding in even a single thought; be aware only of the energy that has settled in Dahnjeon. If the mind becomes distracted, then that energy becomes diffuse; do not neglect then and there to pull yourself together and bring that energy to rest.


Keep your breathing smooth

, making the inhalations a little longer and stronger and the exhalations a little shorter and weaker.

4. It is essential to

keep the eyes open

constantly to help keep the demon of drowsiness away. Or, you may try meditating with eyes closed when the energy of the spirit is refreshed and there is no worries of the drowsiness invading.


Keep the mouth always closed.

If the water ascends and the fire descends readily after lengthy practice, clear and smooth saliva will flow continuously from the salivary glands, which you may gather in the mouth and swallow occasionally.


The spirit constantly should be ever-alert

in its calmness and ever-calm in its alertness. If it leans to torpor, refresh the spirit; if it lapses into idle thought, restore it with right mindfulness; rest in the realm of your original face, which is effortless and spontaneous.

7. Novices at seated meditation may suffer from aching legs or invasion by wondering thoughts. If your legs ache, you may occasionally switch their positions. In case wondering thoughts invade, if you

just recognize them as wondering thoughts,

they will vanish of themselves. Don't be bothered or stressed because of their presence.

8. When first beginning seated meditation, you may find your faces and bodies feeling itchy, as if there were ants crawling over them. This sensation is evidence of the blood flowing more actively through the capillaries. Be sure not to touch or scratch.

9. During seated meditation, you absolutely must not seek bizarre states and mysterious signs. Even if such sensory conditions occur, think of them only as freakish; pay them no attention and look past them unconcernedly.

If you continue practicing in the above manner for
a long period of time,
you ultimately will forget the distinction between self and others and will forget time and place and, resting in the genuine realm of consummate quiescence and nondiscrimination, you will rejoice in an unparalleled bliss of mind.

The Gifts of Meditation Practice

refreshes and restores us to our original nature, which is without attachments and without distinctions between self and others. Through

daily practice,

the mind learns another way to respond to inner and outer sensations, allowing it to perform its many functions without disturbance or distraction.
Meditation practice can

change the way you see life and yourself.

It can provide new ways for solving problems and overcoming difficulties. It can help you unlock and expand the spiritual dimension within.

To be most effective,
let sitting meditation become a daily practice, done at a suitable time and place. When it is woven into the fabric of your day, you will find that your meditation practice helps you keep calm and balanced. Sitting meditation is both easy and difficult, simply because there is no place to go and nothing to do. Expect your progress on this path to be
slow and steady,
with many gentle rewards along the way.
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As you practice meditation, you will get these benefits as result.

  1. Rash and flighty behavior will gradually disappear.
  2. The activities of the six sense organs will become orderly.
  3. The suffering of illness decreases and your face becomes smoother.
  4. The power of memory improves.
  5. The power of endurance grows.
  6. Attachments disappear.
  7. Perverse states of mind change into right states of mind.
  8. Your self-nature’s light of wisdom will shine.
  9. You will be gratified by ultimate bliss.
  10. You will gain freedom in birth and death.